Matt Priddis has one the 2014 Brownlow Medal. What a champion. I’m so happy for him.

Priddis is hardworking, humble and unassuming. He’s no rockstar, doesn’t do take specky marks and he doesn’t do fancy tricks.

Instead, Matt goes about his work believing in hard work, commitment and dedication

I’m happy for him.

90 minutes of football has left me tired and sore. Unlike running 15+ Ks a game of football is all sprint and stop. There’s no jog around, tempo, easy.

There’s some big hits where players hit the deck pretty hard. I know I did.

But I loved it. I loved running around and doing my part for the team. I loved taking the hits. And I loved that I was the oldest bloke on the pitch.

So right now I’m sore but I love it because it’s a soreness that I worked for and it feels like a badge of honour.

From the stage, the smooth-talking speakers dazzled the audience with their latest scripts and dialogues and model days and productivity tips.

But though all of their clever rhetoric one message stood out: know yourself. Know your values, know your purpose and know what you want.

Out of this knowing comes clarity of thought and clarity of action that serve to create our reputation and help us to live a powerful, more centred life.

And when we know our centre there is no need for scripts and dialogues and model days, for our words and our actions reflect who we are and how we can serve.

There once was a boy who thought he could fly. He dreamed of an airplane, of soaring, of leaving this place.

But it never happened. The airplane, the soaring, the leaving. None of it.

Instead, he went to school. He kept his feet on the ground. And he stayed in that place.

Then, one day, he realised that his head had always been in the clouds. It always was and it always would be. He had always been flying.

With his feet firmly on the ground.

I’m tired. My eyes keep closing while the TV pumps out ads. My thumb struggles to make sense of the keyboard.

So I’m going to bed, to sleep.

Squiiz won’t work and here’s why

People who are looking for a property don’t care who owns the portal. All they care about is choice and user experience. If they don’t have choice and they don’t have a great user experience they won’t come back.

To solve this problem Squiiz will need to come up with a formula that delivers them all the properties on the market. That’s what the punters want. But their “industry owned” rhetoric and the politics of the real estate industry will ensure that won’t happen.

If they can’t deliver the biggest selection of properties then they’ll need to deliver a far better user experience. This is the one area where they stand a chance. The user experience on REA is worse than bad, cluttered as it is with featured and premium properties and the smiling faces of agents touting their wares. If Squiiz can create a compelling user experience it has a slim chance.

But the presentation I saw today gives me no confidence that this will happen. Instead I saw an organisation overly focussed on its own commercial interests and infatuated by a yet-to-be-released iPhone app that has more bugs than a prisoners bed.

My doubt is my friend

There’s a niggling doubt, in my heart, in my soul.

A doubt, that I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not strong enough.

It eats at my being, it weighs like an anchor. It gnaws and it gnashes and it never sleeps.

But I refuse to let it grind me down, to make me grow old before my time, to stop me from being nimble and quick.

Instead I make doubt my friend, my guard, the sentry on my watchtower, the voice that urges caution when a step in haste would invite disaster.

My doubt is my friend.

The Vic Park soccer club was beaten again today, this time by a team we beat at the start of the season.

It was a game I thought we could win. But despite the early ascendency we were beaten soundly by a stronger, more talented team.

Through all these floggings I’m finding it ever more difficult to stay positive. It’s not that I can’t find the positives out of the games we lose it’s just that I find it hard to stay positive without being shrill and disingenuous.

So next week we play our final game of the season. I’d love it to be a win. But it will be what it will be. Win, lose or draw our team will take to the pitch and battle with all of the skills and abilities we have. Whether or not that’s enough to secure a win will only be known next Sunday afternoon.

Exercise, coffee, breakfast, coffee, nap, wine, lunch, wine, football, wine, food.

And now to bed.

I was busy today. I was busy but got nothing done. Well maybe I did but I’m not sure what. Soon it will be tomorrow and I’ll try to get something done but will probably achieve nothing again. The busy-ness, the doing lots, the activity, the frantic pace but all for nothing.

That’s the way it is sometimes.