It takes grit

It takes grit to make a pearl,
and grit to shine a stone,
grit to make a dream take flight,
even more to bring it home.

It takes grit to hone a tool so sharp,
and grit to polish song,
grit to forge a new way home,
or start a marathon.

It takes grit to be a homeless bum,
and grit to be a star,
grit to be a worker true,
and grit to wander far.

It takes grit to be a family man,
and grit to be a mum,
grit to live in fancy digs,
or grow up in a slum.

It takes grit to live a proud life,
and grit to follow through,
grit to stand when things get tough,
and grit to be just you.

I’m nervous

I’m nervous for the future,
I’m nervous for right now,
I’m nervous for the sadness,
And the furrow on your brow.

I’m nervous for what’s left to do,
I’m nervous for what’s done,
I’m nervous for the smiling you,
And the laugh that doesn’t come.

I’m nervous that I don’t know how,
Or that I don’t know why.
I’m nervous that I’ll never know,
And that I’ll never cry.

Be still

Amidst the traffic and the horns and the craziness, be still.
Amidst the anger and the aggravation and the insults, be still.
Amidst the fear and the terror and the frightening times, be still.
Amidst the greed and the hunger and the want for more, be still.
Amidst the bright lights and the fame and the screaming fans, be still.
Amidst the loneliness and the anxiety and the never-ending agony, be still.
Amidst the waves and the storms and the wildest wind, be still.
Be still, be still, be still.

Rita and I had lunch at The Heritage today. I’ve been there before but today was nicer. We drank white wine and ate a three course meal and chatted about Rita’s plans for the future and the amount I was spending on life insurance and about work and business. Rita does most of the talking. I do most of the listening, but that’s ok. I like it that way. 

I like to listen and ask questions. Maybe I’m a lazy conversationalist. Should I be any different? Maybe, but probably not. 

Yesterday I was having some beers with some of the guys from work. The conversation drifted to the way one of our team members wasn’t yet fully engaged with the team. They were playing things from a distance. Then someone said, “Peter, some people find you very hard to read.”

Then we got talking about why that was. Was it an age thing? Am I being inconsistent? Why is that happening? I know I don’t have a good answer. But the takeaway from the conversation was this: “Peter, you don’t need to change a thing. You’re the boss. You need to be confident with the way you’re running the business and let others deal with that the way they need to. Just be yourself.”

I thought that was great advice. Would I like for the employee to engage more with the team? Sure. But that’s their choice and they’ll do it when they choose to. I can’t make that decision for them. In the meantime all I can do is work on my own game plan and do what I need to do to make the business more successful. How that works for others is out of my hands. 


Be strong.
Be brave.
Be fierce.
Be gentle.
Be happy.
Be humble.
Be proud.
Be you.

I placed the order for the new workstations today. That’s $29,000 down, $180,000 to go. Fitting out an office sure is expensive. But I had a win today when. Managed to postpone a share purchase I’d agreed to. Gave me another month to get my finance sorted.

The tenant in our investment property is causing us some grief. They won’t let the agent through. I offered them a rent reduction on the condition that they give the agent access. I don’t hold out much hope. It it doesn’t work out I’ll release them from their lease and then stage the property once they vacate.

Right now I’m watching a show about the Ku Klux Klan. Those people are seriously fucked up people. Their view of the world is sadly distorted. I hope I never meet the god they prey to.

So that’s my day. Tomorrow I’ll sign up with a builder. Next week the place will be gutted and the transformation will begin.

Sometimes you have to stand up and let people know where you’re at. I did just that today.

For the past two months the bank has been dicking around with the finance application for our office fitout. They’ve been painful in their incompetence. And it’s cost me any chance of moving in by the end of the year.

So today I let fly with an email that gave voice to my exasperation. It wasn’t angry but it didn’t hide my frustration. It asked what I’d done to deserve this level of mismanagement. I don’t send a lot of these emails but when I do I leave people in no doubt where I’m at.

Not surprising I had a call within half an hour of hitting the send button. My finance had been approved. Something that should have happened weeks ago finally happened today. Now I need to get this project back on track.

Notes from presentation by Trav Bell

Create an accountability group. Get people to make their commitments public. Setup people with accountability partners.

Set up a private Facebook group. Give some of the members admin access.

***Blog about the members, shine a spotlight on them and their achievements. Make the tribe members the champions.***

Have an annual party.

Design a T-shirt.

Go to events together e.g. AREC

Run monthly webinars.

Have tribe interviews.

Control the information coming into your tribe. Make sure the people you partner with a complimentary.

Go for quality, solid fans, people that love what you do. You don’t need a lot of fans, just quality fans.

If people pay they pay attention, if they pay more they pay more attention.

Accountability partner - if the accountability partner doesn’t turn up it’s a $100 donation to a charity.

Create prizes, a champion and bragging rights.

Where can you create connection and emotional buy-in within your business?

Create leaders in your tribe.

Accountability groups for principals and sales reps.

Why would people stay involved - create a sense of belonging, give bonuses.

Secure 5 gun interviews - get the guns to come along to a quarterly accountability group.

Get group decisions.

Go on a retreat.

Create brand language e.g. Twitter/Instagram hashtags.


After nearly three years Emily resigned today. To say I’m sad is an understatement. I’ll miss the thought and smarts she brings to her work. I’ll miss her powerful moral compass. I’ll miss the way she keeps me focused on solutions, not problems. I could go on and on because Emily is a class act.

But as sad as I am, I’m also proud and excited. I’m proud of the small part I’ve played in the development of her career but I’m also excited for her future. As a young person Emily has an amazing future waiting for her. It’s important that she steps out and takes risks and experience places and cultures and people that my tiny business can’t provide.

So tonight I’ll go to bed painfully aware that I have a big job ahead of me. To replace Emily is going to be a very tough job, one I’m not sure I’m up for.

I wrote

I wrote something the other day. It was a letter to you. Clearly you didn’t read it because you never wrote back. But that’s OK because I’ll just keep writing. I’ll keep writing because it makes me feel good. And one day the message will get through.